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New Home Construction Loans

If you decide to build or buy a systems-built home, then you need to find the right lender. At Alpine Bank, they specialize in home construction loans. They offer short-term financing for the construction phase and will work with you to place you in the appropriate mortgage product for the long term. They work with Colorado Building Systems directly and have the expertise to help you through the construction process.

Our Recommendation:

Nathan Knoll
Alpine bank
Phone: (970) 254-2703

Nathan has been our partner for years and helped many of our clients with their financing needs. Contact her today and let her know your working with us and she will happy to help.

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Need Help with Land Purchasing?

If you’re wanting to buy a modular home or a zoned lot for single-family construction, building on the right property is crucial. Finding the right location can be difficult, especially if you’re looking to have a home built “off the grid.” Luckily we have the perfect contacts to help make your home-building journey easier.

If you’re looking for available land options for sale or need assistance with any property purchase steps, we recommend the following agent for your needs:

Our Recommendation:

Lori Dearth
Stellar Realty
Phone: (970) 250-2961

Lori has been in the real estate industry for many years and has helped countless clients find the perfect destinations. Contact her today and get started finding the right property for your new home.