What are Systems Built Homes?

The term “system-built homes” refers to homes built through some type of systematized construction process. Unlike “stick-built” homes that are constructed on-site one-piece or a “stick” at a time, system built homes automate the home building process to achieve higher levels of quality and efficiency. System built homes can include concrete homes, log homes, panelized homes and, our favorite, modular homes.

Modular building technology, which is increasingly referred to as “Systems-Built” Technology or system built homes, has become one of the fastest-growing segments of new home construction in the country. It continues to gain popularity because of the inherent efficiency gained through the use of system built homes methods and technology. By utilizing controlled climate factories for building our homes, Colorado Building Systems is able to utilize advanced time-saving technologies and processes that produce high-quality, cost-effective homes. The assembly-line building process makes it possible to incorporate consistent building methods and inspections leading to greater quality control. Our factories, through their huge buying power, are able to secure better quality lumber and other components at very competitive prices. Furthermore, our building technology produces far less waste. This saves money and helps protect our environment.

Conventional construction uses materials and methods of framing that are approved by building codes for strength, safety and durability. The difference between the two lies in the fact that conventional construction takes place on the building site and system built homes are framed in a protected environment and then shipped to the job site and craned into place.

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System Built Homes

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What are the benefits of a Systems Built Homes?

The speed and efficiency of modular construction or system built homes attracts both homeowners and builders. Since the home is not built stick-by-stick on the construction site, the structure can be built at the same time that the foundation is being poured and other site work is completed. This reduces the overall time of the construction loan, saving the homeowner money in interest payments.

Modular homes are also known for their design flexibility, energy efficiency and quality construction. Modular homes can be found in small beach bungalows under 1,000 square feet to sprawling two-story homes that exceed 4,000 square feet – homeowners are not limited in building capacity.

The in-plant construction produces a nearly complete structure built-in modules of various shapes that are transported to your building site on transport carriers. From there, we position the home on your crawl space or basement foundations. Varying with the type of home, our installation technicians will raise the hinged roof sections, build dormers, and complete the exterior and interior of the home as needed to complete the structure.

Who Builds Systems Built Homes?

Systems Built homes are typically built in state-of-the-art construction facilities, your new home is completed in less time. The quality of materials combined with the precision of the processes and the expertise of experienced craftsmen results in a home with lasting quality and high value.

Common Terms Related to System-Built Homes:

  • Factory Built Homes
  • Modular Construction
  • Delivered to your site
  • High Quality
  • Easy to own
  • Comfortable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Financing Available