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Manufactured Homes

Interested in a new manufactured home? It’s very important to understand your building choices when looking to build a new house. Today there are three basic ways to home construction, and it’s crucial to know what is available and the differences between them.

Manufactured Homes Or “Systems Built Homes”

A systems-built home defines the system of building a conventional home in modular sections under state certifications. This system of building guarantees the maximum efficiency and highest quality construction to deliver exceptional value to your new house. Here are three major advantages to a manufactured home.
1. It simplifies the construction process by taking substantially less time to complete.
2. The quality of construction. Not only good craftsmanship, but exceptional engineering design and specific material selections.
3. Value! We are confident that you will get more house for your money. Our building process has been proven to be a more efficient building system.

Mobile Homes

Many mobile homes refer to themselves as modular or manufactured homes because they are built-in multiple pieces (modules). However, by industry standards, they fall far below the codes and construction standards required to be classified as a true systems-built modular home. For these reasons, they are less costly but also less quality.

Conventionally Built Homes

Conventionally built homes are referred to as site built or stick built because they are built one board at a time on the job site. This way of building takes a lot more time to complete. The cost is typically higher because you’re not just dealing with one source, you’re dealing with many subcontractors and employees. Trying to get the best deal by purchasing as good as one job allows can be very stressful. Generally, stick-built homes are more expensive, not because of what you get, but because of the inefficiencies of the building process.


Here at Colorado Building Systems, we understand how complicated and intimidating it can be to build a new home. I encourage you to visit our portfolio page to see the quality of home that you can get from us as a systems-built home. We are here to answer your questions, so please reach out to us with your contact information below.

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