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New Home Construction Project

Looking to build a new home next spring or summer?
If you’re looking to start building your new home in the beginning of next year you should consider starting the process now. Here’s why… it takes several months for the process to be completed. Starting with approval on financing and determining how much you want to invest. Custom building means designing a home that fits your dreams and your budget. At Colorado Building Systems we try to make this an easy task to get started. We have our own financing options and experts to help guide you through from start to finish. What most home buyers don’t understand is that without being pre-approved you’re trying to make a design come within your budget as opposed to us having a budget to design around. Talking with us first will make building your new home a much better experience by avoiding wasted time and energy focusing on the wrong items getting started. Upon us taking your project into our care, we assist in determining which home style and size is best for you. By creating a general concept or sketch we can mark up and price out a design that is customized for the correct size and features you desire in your new home. Once we begin finalizing the plans and price we have our experts create what we call the preliminary plans. These are plans for the bank to review and also for final mark up on details and/or changes. Then it starts to get exciting! We have the proposed final plan with revisions as submitted and draw a full set of Architectural Plans and recommended foundation plans for building purposes. These are a few of the beginning steps necessary to complete before even breaking ground on your project. There are many responsibilities to undertake but this time of year is perfect for starting because we get through these few steps and can begin building when the weather is perfect. You can move in to your new home as early as next spring! Contact us with your questions and let’s start making plans for your new custom home today.

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