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Cape Cod Floor Plans

Cape Cod floor plans were originally designed in New England. The Cape Cod floor plan was engineered to weather harsh winters and climates. The construction techniques used to build this style of house create a standard rectangle shape with a pitched roof, creating efficient heating throughout the home.

Common Characteristics of Cape Cod Floor Plans:
Rectangle Shape:

Cape cod floor plans will typically feature a rectangular shape. This was done during the construction of the home so that if a family ever wanted to expand or build any new construction additions, it was easier to do so.

Usually One Story + Loft:

Traditional cape cod floor plans are usually one story with an additional half story or an area called a loft. 

Steep, Gable Roof:

A steep, but low roof was designed for cape cod floor plans because it makes removing excess snow easier.

Low-Lying Ceiling:

Cape cod floor plans feature lower ceilings and a chimney was incorporated in the design to control and contain heat efficiently in the winters. 

With their simple, yet attractive design, cape cod floor plans have stood the test of time. New construction homes that have used cape cod floor plans can be seen in nearly every part of North America today. This style of home is one of the most popular and beloved architectural designs in the US. 

Cape Cod Floor Plans in the Copper Mountain Design

First Floor Cape Cod Floor Plan for Copper Mountain A

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